Posted by: mbarajasroman | April 25, 2012

Colorlines: California Pols Move to Keep Immigrant Families Unified During Deportation

by Seth Freed Wessler
Tuesday, April 24 2012, 9:36 AM EST

A California state legislative committee voted unanimously last week in support of a bill that will strengthen the rights of parents arrested by local police and those held for additional time because of their immigration status. The new rules are designed to combat a problem uncovered by, in which parents stuck in detention are unable to remain engaged with their children in foster care.

If passed, AB 2015 would require that officers inform parents of their right to make up to three phone calls after arrest. While existing law provides for parents to make three calls, it does not require local cops to inform those booked of that right. Additionally, the law allows parents to make additional calls from jail at the time of release, transfer or because they are “held for immigration reasons.”

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