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Resource: PICKED APART: The Hidden Struggles Of Migrant Worker Women In The Maryland Crab Industry

From PICKED APART: The Hidden Struggles Of Migrant Worker Women In The Maryland Crab Industry.

“Interviews of women who have worked in the Maryland crab industry on H-2B visas have exposed many injustices that need to be addressed on the ground by employers and comprehensively by legislators. Through conversations about their respective efforts, the Clinic and CDM conceived of a survey-based report that would provide data and analysis about the experiences of H-2B workers, to enrich legislative debates. The Clinic and CDM (hereinafter, “the authors”) focused specifically on H-2B workers from Mexico working in the Maryland crab industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This report stems from ongoing efforts undertaken by both CDM and the Clinic. For many years, CDM has been organizing migrant workers through its Comité de la Defensa del Migrante (Migrant Defense Committee). CDM began to conduct outreach to various migrant-sending towns when complaints arose about discrimination in recruitment. Through these efforts, CDM became familiar with the experience of migrant worker women in the Maryland crab industry. Recognizing the important work undertaken by CDM and other organizations, the International Human Rights Law Clinic at American University Washington College of Law conceived of an H-2B Outreach and Litigation Project (H-2B Project), to provide legal support to migrant workers and their advocates. The Project also seeks to understand the complexity of long-standing migration patterns between the D.C. area and communities overseas.”

To download and read the entire report, click here.


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