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National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights stands with Georgia’s Immigrant Women and Children

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“We Belong Together”

National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights stands with Georgia’s Immigrant Women and Children

Atlanta, GA — The National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights, stands in solidarity with immigrant women and children as part of the “We Belong Together: Women’s Delegation to Georgia.”

A press conference will be held on September 29 in front of the Georgia State Capitol Building, 203 Washington Street, at 10:30 a.m.

Steering committee members National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum are part of a delegation of women’s organizations that will travel to Atlanta this week to bear witness to the effects on women, children and families of Georgia’s new anti-immigrant law.

“Every time an anti-immigrant lawmaker spouts off about “anchor babies” or “alien invaders”, immigrant mothers are wrongfully vilified and dehumanized,” said Maria Elena Perez, interim executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. “As women, as mothers, we are here to tell lawmakers to stop with the lies and scapegoating of immigrant women and our families.”

According to New America Media, more than half of all immigrants are women and women are increasingly likely to primary breadwinners and primary family care takers. Yet, immigrant women, particularly those of reproductive age, have been specifically accused of exacerbating global warming, raising terrorist babies, and using childbirth to gain citizenship status.

Like Arizona’s SB1070, Georgia’s new HB 87 law threatens to have devastating effects on women and children, including an increase in racial profiling, the separation of families (children from parents), an increased fear of reporting crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault; workplace raids; and the denial of services.

In a forthcoming report from the National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights, called Women in Immigration: Right to Liberty, Right to Family, immigration policy experts analyzed the intersection of gender and immigration. In this first of its kind, comprehensive review, NCIWR found that the impact of immigration policies on women is cumulative rather than additive. Misinformation and lies have led to policies that cut women immigrants – undocumented and documented alike—out of important social programs. This occurs despite evidence that individuals without current legal papers pay into government as much as others who receive benefits and use these programs less often.

“The sad reality is that millions of undocumented and mixed status women and children live below the surface in American society—with little to no access to health care, education or even food assistance programs, added Perez. “This should be unacceptable in the land of opportunity.”

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